2019 of the 7 best partial equity investment brokers

If you want to invest in the stock market, you may be frightened by the idea of ​​needing thousands of dollars in the first place. But that’s not the case-in fact, you can get involved and not even buy all the shares at once.

With part of your investment in stocks, you can buy 5 or 10 dollars in a single transaction. This method of buying part of the stock is known as part of the stock market investment. In major stock exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange, the stock market itself requires you to buy at least one share at a time.

For shares in companies such as Alphabet (more than $ 1200 per share), Amazon (more than $ 1700 per share) or Berkshire Hathaway (more than $ 300,000,000,000,000,000 per share), this means that many smaller investors will be left out. To fill this gap, many brokerage firms are willing to buy all of their shares and distribute them to investors in the form of partial stock increases (the so-called “partial stock”).

“This allows you to buy a stock of a single stock at a higher price at a much lower entry point, which is a good option for new investors,” he said. Important: keep in mind that the high price per share of an action does not necessarily mean a successful business or investment.

Use other indicators, such as the market value of the company (the total value of all stocks), as a guide for the analysis of investment in the stock market. Do you think that part of the capital investment could be right for you? Now, it’s time to choose a brokerage company. Not everyone supports that investment. There are often two types of brokers in the subunit market: first, there are discount brokers such as inventory and inventory, which allow you to buy individual stocks at a certain price.

There are also brokers focused on the portfolio, such as Motif and Folio, which allow you to buy some of the shares by financing a larger portfolio strategy. The right choice depends on your goals and personal investment needs. But one thing you always want to pay attention to is the cost-specifically, to avoid them (or at least to charge them as little as possible). High costs can have a considerable impact on small investments, so this is certainly a consideration when choosing a brokerage company.

The cost of $ 5 billion is only 0.1% of the $ 5,000,000,000,000,000 invested, but it is 10% of the $ 50 billion in investment. If you think that this type of investment might be right for you, keep reading our selection of the best broker list to support some capital investments.

01 best overall: inventory For new investors and those who want to give away stock, inventory is the best global investment broker.

Inventory is a new brokerage company that does not provide all the shares in the market, but it does provide some of the shares of more than 1000 stocks and ETFs. With only 99 cents per operation, it makes them a very cheap place to buy and sell.

There are no account ceilings, monthly fees or unexpected charges to worry about. Stock Reserve not only allows you to buy small shares, it is also a good platform for you to understand the stock market and prepare for future investments. The Inventory application provides lessons on the stock market.

If you are a parent or guardian, you can link to a child or teen account so you can track your performance and enter the transaction with your approval. The inventory also has a unique gift function. You can choose actions as gifts on your wish list, or give a portion of the action to someone special.

This is a unique and useful feature and a great way to build a portfolio without a lot of cash.

02 best combination: Motif One of the biggest challenges for new investors in the market is decentralization.

When you start with only a small amount of savings, you can not diversify your stock portfolio if you do not expect an ETF. Motif solves this problem by allowing you to create a portfolio of multiple stocks based on your investment theme or theory.

Once you have your target portfolio or the “Motif” configuration, you can buy and get part of the shares included in the securities. As with the inventory, Motif is also very useful for investment in education and learning.

But when stock reserves are focused on new investors and for the first time, Motif is best suited for experienced investors who want to refine their strategy, learn from the public issues of other investors and build a successful portfolio.

The best for investment in automation: M1 Finance

If you buy shares of the same investment on a regular basis over a period of time, you are doing something called “average dollar cost” -a strategy that allows you to build a portfolio over a period of time to avoid fluctuations in the prices of Actions that go up and fall during your investment. With M1 Finance, you can create a portfolio using a tool called pie. “This visual portfolio can help you see exactly how your dollar is allocated in your investment.

Next, fund your portfolio at once, or automatically buy some of the stocks in some of the stocks you choose on your cake. For most investors, long-term investment is the best way to start. This investment strategy allows you to invest only a little at a time, focusing on the long term, instead of choosing stocks that could rise or fall in the short term.

Best for free portfolio trading: Folio investing Folio Investments offers investors two plans, which give you the opportunity to buy non-tradable shares. Basic plans to offer 4 dollars in offers, while unlimited plans to offer 2000 free trades per month.

Both systems are profitable compared to the average investment cost. In both cases, you can acquire a portfolio called folio. There are as many as 100 shares, ETFs and mutual funds for each pair of copies.

You can create your own or invest in a pre-established one for more than 160 pairs of investment equipment. In some cases, the use of folio carries a charge. If you perform three or fewer transactions per quarter, basic plan customers pay $ 15 billion per quarter.

Unlimited packages cost USD 29 per month or USD 290 per year.

The best for automated investment: Improvement Improvement was the first major robotic consultant.

Robot Advisor is a service where you can fill out a questionnaire explaining your investment objectives and risk tolerance, and you will be responsible for investing your money in a range of ETF products based on your answers. Betterment charges a 0.25% administration fee and does not charge a transaction fee. In fact, you can even better arrange a deal for yourself.

Automatically keeps your portfolio in balance and can be negotiated through a process called “harvest of tax loss” to obtain tax benefits. Betterment is the perfect product for an investor who does what he does but does not want to do much. You just have to tell him how you want to use your investment and when you plan to need them.

Everything else is handled better.

06 best for investment in the industry: Hide Stash offers the opportunity to invest by subject, focusing on specific industries, companies or strategies such as green investment, technology investment, global entertainment, online media and more.

Stash supports a limited number of investments, supporting more than 150 actions. You start with 5 dollars, and your account starts at $ 1 a month, up to the balance of $ 5,000 (0.25% more than $ 5,000).

You get unlimited offers, a selection of share combinations with partial stock support, and custom instructor functions that can be logged in at any time.

For some stock trades, you can buy a single stock or an ETF from a growing number of listings.

07 best for buying DIY shares: Direct purchase plan (DSPPs) The direct stock purchase program (DSPPs) and the dividend reinvestment program (DRIPs) allow you to buy shares directly from the issuing company, sometimes without no purchase fee. The most popular direct acquisition plans include Exxon Mobil, Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart (Walmart), AT & T (AT & T), Verizon, Ford, IBM, Mcdonald’s (

Mcdonald’s) and Intel (Intel). Many listed companies allow you to buy shares directly from their stock service agents. Computershare is the leading provider to manage its direct stock purchase portfolio, and DirectInvesting.com is another important resource for DSPP focused on a bit of a plan.

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