7 debit cards best for teenagers in 2019

For teens, the best debit or prepaid card will charge a minimum fee, provide flexibility in recharging funds and allow parents to use the card (especially for younger children in the youth community). Older teens who have part-time jobs and carry their own mobile phone calls or other expenses can also benefit from features such as billing payments and direct deposits. These services are available for free for the best debit cards for teenagers.

Being able to see the balances of your accounts online or through mobile applications is also an advantage. To help you find a perfect one for your child, we have cut all the options on the card to these seven.

All information is updated as of December 2018, but terms and availability change, so be sure to read the details yourself.

01, better in general: FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card Both parents and teenagers can use FamZoo prepaid debit cards. If necessary, periodic transfers between different accounts can be made. For parents who want to start developing a sense of responsibility, this card can be associated with work and household chores.

FamZoo offers parents the ability to lock and unlock cards, either to control access to the card or as an additional layer of security to prevent fraud and unauthorized purchases. FamZoo does not charge a recharge fee, but some sellers may charge their own rates. Nor is charged for direct deposits. Parents can choose to deposit some of their salaries directly on the FamZoo card as a source of funding.

This is particularly beneficial because transfers between credit cards are free and immediate. Each family must pay a subscription fee of $ 5.99 per month.

While the recharge is successful, families can order up to four recharge cards.

02, the best for saving interest income: mango Prepaid MasterCard It is equally important to teach teenagers to develop good saving habits and help them develop good spending habits.

Mango Prepaid MasterCard offers teenagers the option to open a savings account with an annual yield of up to 6%, which can also be transferred 6 times a month. Mango Prepaid MasterCard does not charge any fee to register, activate or charge funds by bank transfer. Other costs are the lowest: 3 USD per month and 2 USD from ATMs. It can be used anywhere that MasterCard accepts.

Teenagers can manage their accounts through an application for smartphones. To obtain 6% of APY, the mangoes need to buy at least $ 1,500,000,000,000,000 in signed products and pay a balance of at least $ 25 at the end of the month.

Teens who deposit directly from part-time jobs can take advantage of high-interest savings accounts.

  1. Best cash recharge: American Express offers free recharge American Express has three different versions of prepaid debit cards.

The free recharge version does not charge a cash recharge fee. Recharge the network has more than 45,000 locations throughout the country. You can top up at CVS Pharmacy, General Dollar, Dollar, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart (Walmart), 7-Eleven and other convenient locations.

Teenagers can also recharge funds from bank accounts. While $ 4.95 is paid per month in most states, there is no charge for changing cards, opening sub-accounts, customer service or withdrawing money from MoneyPass ATMs. If you order online, or buy it at a retail store, the card itself is free. Other free services include online billing payments, fraud protection and initial direct deposits.

04, the most suitable for large buyers: American Express to provide reimbursement Just like adults, different teenagers have different spending habits and abilities. Teenagers who spend hundreds of dollars a month can get a cash back from American Express. Purchases can be reimbursed in 1% of the money in cash.

Cash rewards are added immediately to your card and can be redeemed at any time. Of course, managing payment rewards with a prepaid card requires more discipline.

Teens must learn not to spend too much so that they can get additional rewards. The monthly fee for the American Express returns service is $ 5.95. The cash reload can be up to $ 3.95, depending on the retailer.

Other benefits of the card include free advance direct deposit, free online ATM withdrawals, fraud protection and up to $ 1000 in 90 days of purchase protection.

05, best for multiple teens: two hands prepaid MasterCard waistline Families with more than one child can use prepaid AKIMBO debit cards to manage all of their children’s bills. AKIMBO allows you to open several prepaid cards, all of which are linked to a master account.

Each prepaid card can be managed in the AKIMBO application. The first sub-account card is free. Additional sub-account cards charge $ 4.95 at a time. Each card can be enabled or disabled in the application, and parents can receive text updates after each update.

This feature is useful for parents who want to monitor their children’s consumption. The cost of prepaid AKIMBO cards is minimal. There is no registration or monthly fee and no purchase fee has been signed. There is a $. Personal identification number operating US $ 99, withdrawal of ATMs of US $ 1.98, ATM withdrawal of US $ 1.98.

ATM balance consultation fees.

06, better for network security: Movo virtual credit card Prepaid The security of online shopping is important for both adolescents and adults. The virtual Morley prepaid visa allows users to create a two-time account that can be used for online transactions.

This prevents the main account from being exposed in a hacker attack or data breach. There is no monthly fee or activation fee. There is also no charge for the Movo virtual prepaid cards, whether they are buying at any of the 6000 ATM machines on the network or withdrawing money on inactive cards. Teenagers should be careful not to try to extract more than the card balance – if the ATM transaction is rejected, Movo will charge a fee of USD 1.

ATM transactions are also charged outside the network. Teenagers or parents can recharge funds through direct deposits, bank transfers, PayPal or Venmo balances, debit card transfers or cash at some retailers.

Depending on the method, the maximum recharge time may take up to three business days.

07, Best Checking Account Debit Card: BB & T Debit Card If you have a bigger child and live in the BB & T area of ​​one of the 16 States, the BB & T Debit Card is a good choice. You do not have to live near a bank branch, you can open an account online. Teens can not apply on their own; Applicants must be at least 18-21 years of age.

One of the applicants must be the legal age of the opening state-and in most states it is 18-21 years old. Most prepaid card services are completely free. There are no charges for operating at BB & T ATMs, direct deposits, billing payments, mobile banking and withdrawals.

Prepaid cards are available where Visa cards are accepted. The monthly maintenance fee is 3 USD, which is also charged for the use of non-BB & T ATM withdrawals.

Teens should take care of their credit cards carefully: change a card to pay 10 dollars, with a courier for a card to pay 15 dollars.

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