Is it easy to make money online?

Is it easy to make money online?

Yes and no. If you want to make $100 quickly online, it’s very simple. Here are over 100 easy ways to make money online. If you want to do it consistently, that’s easy too. If you want to make an extra $1,000, it will take more work. But it’s 100% doable.

Depending on your goals, making thousands online is possible.

Is now the right time to start an online business?
Odd Jobs Economy Statistics: Yes, it is possible to make money online!

Here are some statistics that prove it’s a good time to get online and start a business.

More than one-third of American workers are involved in the odd-job economy. That means nearly 57 million Americans are making money online!
More than 90% of Americans would consider freelance or independent contracting work.
By 2023, more than half (52%) of the U.S. workforce will be part of the gig economy.
Those who join the gig economy want to earn more money while getting a better work-life balance.
Most part-time workers are Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials.
Freelancers can often earn higher hourly wages through online gigs than by becoming employees.
Hundreds of U.S. companies are now hiring odd jobs. The world is your oyster, because more companies around the world want to work with you too. 

Google AdSense allows you to make money by allowing others to use your website as a billboard. This is an effective passive income stream that I have used on a variety of websites. Google AdSense matches ads to your site based on your niche content and visitor type. These ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products to the same audience as you. Advertisers pay different prices depending on the type of ad they want to place on your site.

To make it feel even more seamless, you can customize the ads that are displayed on your site. The More option provides a way to determine the number, frequency and payment levels of different ads. Joining AdSense is also free, which will also ensure you have more money in your pocket. If you’re still unsure, try using Google AdSense’s calculator, which can help you estimate how much you can earn.

Affiliate marketing is another incredible source of passive income (aka making money while you sleep). You make money when online retailers pay commissions for traffic or sales generated by your referrals. Usually, these referrals come from contacts on your website. However, it is different from the way Google AdSense handles the visual ads displayed on your website.

Instead, affiliate network marketing is done through links placed in your website content. It may be in the content of your blog or landing page. Find many types of partnerships that align with attractive products and services that your audience might like to know about. Take the time to research, measure and track to ensure you are optimizing your efforts.

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