Start learning to invest in TradeStation

Start learning to invest in TradeStation

What is TradeStation?

TradeStation is a brokerage company established in Florida in 1982. Although it is located in the United States, it accepts traders from all over the world. Companies are supervised by the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the financial industry regulatory authority (FINRA), so you can rest assured that your trading experience is safe. TS focuses on providing cutting-edge trading technology, equipped with excellent commission structure and knowledgeable customer service. The broker provides a powerful platform to support real-time transactions and opportunities to automate, optimize and monitor your investment. You can even customize the platform and propose your own functions.

The first impression of the TradeStation website is impressive and refreshing, and the light blue color scheme provides a modern alternative to the old trading website display. Pleasant aesthetics is the perfect front end of the website, which is intuitive and easy to browse for traders of all ages and levels of experience. If you are an experienced, active and high volume trader, TradeStation is definitely the broker you should consider. The features and tools available here compare those available in large financial institutions, who can really help you maximize profitability.

What does TradeStation offer?

The core brand of TradeStation not only supports option trading, but also has an independent option and futures platform futuresplus. Cryptocurrency traders in multiple states can use the TradeStation crypto platform to apply for trading bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Wright coin and dollar coins. In addition, futures customers can trade micro bitcoin futures contracts through Zhishang exchange. TradeStation is a fully functional trading platform that allows investors to trade almost all mainstream financial products, even some uncommon financial products. In addition to the standard range of stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), options and mutual funds, investors can also trade bonds, futures, cryptocurrencies and IPOs (although the last two products may have some legal restrictions). The only major asset class that TradeStation does not offer is foreign exchange.

For investors willing to learn, TradeStation provides a variety of powerful utilities. Its desktop and web platforms support high customization, allowing you to view data in a way that is useful for your own trading strategy. Traders can set complex order types and transactions according to customized algorithms. Futuresplus allows you to conduct extensive research on options and futures contracts, while the portfolio Maestro utility allows you to analyze how various strategies will affect your current and future portfolio. Similarly, these and more tools are powerful assets for technologically active traders who are looking for new ways to view data before trading.

  • TradeStation provides advanced financial chart comparison tools
  • TradeStation provides research support to top analysts who analyze financial markets and investments
  • The TradeStation platform can be used on multiple devices, including Apple Mac computers, and through an online web browser.
  • TradeStation provides an easy – to – use trading platform with tools for new traders and experienced experts
  • TradeStation users benefit from using more than 15 different languages on the TradeStation platform

TradeStation’s learning resources

TradeStation university has rich educational resources, including articles, e-books, video tutorials, etc. Viewers on TradeStation’s YouTube channel can watch a large number of video tutorials to understand the basic knowledge of asset categories, order trading, option trading and technical analysis. Live webinars are often broadcast live, and you can also participate in one of the five-day “master classes” held by TradeStation at its plantations in Florida and Chicago. TradeStation labs holds pre launch briefings and interviews every day. TradeStation today includes tutorials, real-time news and special tutorials to explain to users how experts organize and utilize a large number of tools on the TradeStation platform. All platforms allow users to access real-time streaming courses and discussions on trading IPOs, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and many other related topics.

TradeStation is currently upgrading TradeStation university to provide users with more courses and quizzes to test their knowledge. All these features provide users with great value, but if you are a beginner, maybe you should consider a better choice. TradeStation is a platform for experienced and active traders. Only traders who know what they are doing can take advantage of the potential of their complex platforms. If you understand the platform, you can make huge profits by effectively trading low commission securities.

Who can open an account at TradeStation?

TradeStation may be ideal for mid – to high-level active traders who want to take advantage of TradeStation’s powerful tools. These traders may be well aware of the investments they plan to trade and develop specific strategies they want to develop. If this sounds like you, this platform may be a worthy choice to consider. U.S. residents with a valid social security number or taxpayer identification number can open an account on the TradeStation platform. International residents holding valid passports and address verification may also open accounts.

TradeStation allows you to choose your own investment, so it is impossible to estimate how much a person can earn through the platform. Investment is inherently risky. Although you can help spread risk by building a diversified portfolio, some of your assets may decrease sharply or even become worthless. However, a well performing investment may offset your loss. Your specific income will vary according to the project you choose to invest, the time of buying and selling investment, market performance, your risk tolerance and several other factors.

The minimum deposit amount varies according to the account type. To open a stock and option account at TradeStation, you need to deposit at least $500. For margin accounts, the minimum deposit is $2000. On the other hand, the minimum deposit in a futures account is $5000. There is no minimum deposit required to open a TS go account, but if you want to open a TS select account, you need at least $2000 in your account. TradeStation does not charge any fees for shares and ETFs.


TradeStation is built for highly technical and active investors. For investors who trade according to technical indicators and highly active investors, TradeStation is an excellent platform and is very worth seeing.
TradeStation provides a simple solution for automatic trading. We understand that the transaction cost of TradeStation is very low.

Open TradeStation Account

To open an account in TradeStation, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to and click “open account”. Then register as a new customer.
  2. Fill in the personal information and select the account type in the “individual”, “joint” and “IRA” options. You can click here to learn more about the account types. If you want to share your account with others, you need to select a federated account. IRA accounts are individual retirement accounts in which retirees can deposit pensions to help them save taxes.
  3. Now you must provide a range of personal and financial information. Personal information includes country name, date of birth, social security number, personal ID number and address. Under financial information, you need to fill in approximately. Annual income, total net value, current net value, source of income and the way you inject capital into the account. You will also be asked about your trading experience.
  4. After signing the form by simply writing down your name, you will need to wait for TradeStation to open an account. TradeStation does not charge any deposit fees, which means that you only need to calculate the fees charged by the bank or third party you use to remit money.
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