The best 13 credit cards in 2019 years

For credit cards, nothing is universal. You may be looking for a credit card that offers great travel rewards or cash, or that is a frequent plane that wants to optimize its airline rewards. Similarly, if you do not have the best credit card, finding a credit card that will help you rebuild your score is a good option.

No matter what type of credit card you are looking for, there is always something on our list that is right for you. When you choose a credit card, be sure to pay attention to your rewards and benefits, as well as the annual fee and the interest rate of the credit card. These important features affect the overall benefits and costs of owning a credit card.

Read on to learn more about the best credit cards and find the one that best suits your financial needs.

The best credit card of 2019 selected by the website:

Best reputation: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Chase Sapphire Preferred is one of the best credit cards on the market. During the first three months after opening an account, you can earn $ 60,000 in extra points if you spend $ 4000 on your trip.

If you redeem 60,000 points through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, it is $ 750. Currently, you get 2 points for every $ 1 you spend on travel and food and drink, and 1 for every $ 1 you spend on all other purchases.

When you exchange a reward for the ultimate reward, the value of the reward increases by 25%. Important prices: the average for April is 18.24% to 25.24%.

The annual fee is $ 95.

Best cash return: Preferred American Express® Blue Cash

In the first three months after opening an account, if you spend $ 1000 of dollars in purchases, the blue cash of American Express is prioritized by 200 dollars in bonds. In American supermarkets, you’ll get 6% cash, up to $ 6,000 a year in shopping rewards, 3% cash rewards for buying gas in US gas stations, and 1% for other expenses, including more than $ 6,000 a year. year in grocery expenses.

You can earn $ 360 in cash by maximizing the use of grocery rewards. Important prices: in general, April after the end of the 12 month promotion period 0% is 15.24% to 26.24%.

The annual fee is $ 95. See more information about this credit card.

Best for travel: Chase Sapphire Reserve® The Chase Sapphire Reserve is an advanced reward credit card with a great sign-up bonus, an incredible stipend and a higher annual fee. You can earn 50,000 points when you spend $ 4000 on purchases in the first three months after opening an account.

You can convert them into up to $ 750 billion in travel credit. On a continuous basis, you’ll get 3 cents on the dollar on your trip, 3 cents on the dollar at restaurants around the world, and 1 cents on the dollar on everything else.

The value of the points increases by 50% when you redeem points by chasing the definitive rewards portal.

In addition to the rewards, you will receive $ 300 a year for travel points, $ 100 in the global ticket or the TSA pre-check application fee points, the right to enter the airport lounge, and rental privileges that you enjoy booking with a partner. Important prices: the average for April is 19.24% to 26.24%.

The annual fee is $ 450 for main card holders and $ 75 for any additional authorized user (up to 4).

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Best airline credit card: Gold Delta SkyMiles®

Golden Delta Air mileage credit card

Thanks to American Express. In the first three months after opening an account, spend $ 1000 on a new Gold card with Delta Air mileage and earn 30,000 miles of award miles.

Also, after purchasing with your Delta credit card for the first three months, you will receive a $ 50 statement. Continue, you will earn two miles per dollar in Delta to buy and one mile each that you spend on all other credit card purchases.

Your Golden Delta Air mileage will exempt you from your first checked baggage and you will also receive 1 priority boarding right in the main cabin. Important prices: depending on your credit status, the usual interest rate for April is 17.99% to 26.99%.

The first year is exempt from the annual fee of USD 95 and does not charge fees for currency transactions. See more information about this credit card.

The best for gastronomy: Capital One® savor® reward credit cards The flavor of Capital One will give you a disposable $ 500 cash reward after spending $ 3000 on your purchase within three months of opening your account.

On a continuous basis, you will receive a 4% cash return on catering and entertainment, a cash return of 2% at the grocery store, an 8% cash back on a live seat for May 2020 and a 1, 5% cash return on all other purchases.

You will need an excellent or good credit to qualify for capital a taste of the credit card rewards, which are associated with a number of other benefits, including extended warranty protection, price protection, free concierge services and assistance of travel 24 hours. Important prices: depending on your credit status, the usual CPR is 16.74% to 25.74%.

The annual fee of $ 95 was waived in the first year.

See more information about this credit card.

Best commercial credit card: Preferred Business Ink In the Chase Ink business you prefer, you can earn 80,000 points for your business when you spend $ 5,000 in the first three months after purchase to open your card.

Redeem your bonus chasing the ultimate reward, worth up to 1000 dollars in travel. In certain specific business areas, if you spend your first $ 150,000, you will get 3 points a year. The categories include travel, shipping, Internet, cable TV, telephone and social media ad purchases / search engines.

All other card purchases will earn one point without a limit per dollar. The value of the points increases by 25% when converting points into tickets, hotels, car rentals and cruise trips through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal.

In addition, you can transfer points on a 1: 1 scale among other member rewards programs. Important prices: April is 18.24% to 23.24%.

The annual fee is 95 USD and no exchange fees are charged.

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Best low interest rates: the USAA Advantage Visa Platinum® interest rate credit card The USAA Visa Platinum credit card has an annual interest rate of only 9.15%, one of the lowest rates on any card of credit.

The only WARNING: you must be an active or retired soldier or a member of the immediate family of an active or retired soldier to join USAA and apply. Important prices: after a period of 6 months of promotion of 0%, the usual April is from 9.15% to 26.15%. However, there are some exceptions. If you are an active soldier, the annual interest rate on your current balance is 4% for one year after you have completed active duty.

In addition, if you are implementing or have a permanent station change, you get 4% of the annual interest rate for all balances in your implementation or PC during the first 12 months.

No annual fee is charged.

Best balance transfer: Bank of America Visa® Platinum If you are looking for a credit card with a longer promotional period, the Bank of America Visa Platinum credit card is your choice.

Enjoy a purchase with a 0% interest rate and a balance transfer to the first 20 billing cycles. There are not many additional rewards other than the promotional rates. When you pay for your phone with a credit card, you get up to $ 1200 a year to protect your phone.

If you are now paying for insurance through your mobile service provider, you can cancel and save on your monthly charges over the phone. Important prices: the regular CPR value after the end of the promotion period is 14.74% to 25.74%.

No annual fee is charged.

Best Bad Credit: OpenSky® Secure Visa® Credit Card Recent defaults or bankruptcies can hinder the approval of most credit cards, even for some secured credit cards.

Open Sky guarantees that credit cards do not require a credit check, which means you can get approval even if you have trouble processing other credit card applications.

You can open an account with debit card, bank transfer, Western Union remittances, check by mail or money order, etc., to deposit between $ 200 and 3000 USD. Although Open Sky reports your credit history to the three major credit bureaus, regardless of how you manage your account, your credit card will not become an unsecured credit card.

After a few months of managing your account, you may be eligible for obt

Best secured credit card: Discover it® guarantee The Discover it Secure credit card consumes up to $ 1,000,000,000,000,000 per quarter in a restaurant or gas station, you can return 2% of your money in cash and return 1% of your cash in all other purchases.

In addition, as a reward, Discover will automatically match all the money you earn in its first year. To open a Discover it Guaranteed credit card, you can deposit a margin between USD 200 and USD 2500. (Your credit limit is equal to your deposit.)

As of 8 months, Discover will check your account history to determine if you can receive your margin refund and maintain your credit limit.

Important prices: the annual interest rate is 25.24% and no annual fee is charged.

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The best for construction credit: Capital One® Platinum credit card Rebuilding your credit first you have to find a credit card that recognizes it, even if your credit is not very good.

First Capital Platinum MasterCard is a great credit card that gets your credit history back on track; Of the more than 8,500 comments, dozens came from cardholders who were approved without a good credit score. While the card has the word “platinum” in its name, you should not expect any generous reward or additional treatment-it’s just an ordinary credit card.

Once you obtain the approval, if you can complete the first five months of payment on time, you will be automatically considered to increase your credit limit.

Important prices: April is 26.99%, without annual fee.

See more information about this credit card.

Best credit card for students: Discover it® student cash back The Discover it credit card provided to students allows you to spend up to $ 1,500 per month on different product categories and get a 5% refund. In addition, you can get a cash back of 1% of other investments. You must register to get 5% of the cashback bonus category.

At the end of your first year as a cardholder, Discover will match the money you earn for a dollar and a dollar. Maintain your qualifications, you can also earn 20 dollars in cash refund bonuses, and your average score is 3.0 or higher per academic year.

You can collect the prize for five years. Important prices: no annual fee is charged. Receive 6 months of 0% introductory CPR.

After that, the normal CPR value is 15.24% to 24.24%.

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The best of the average loans: Capital One® Quicksilverone® Card

Capital One QuicksilverOne offers a cash refund of 1.5% for all your purchases. The card also offers 24-hour travel assistance services, travel accident insurance and extended warranty periods. If you are a person who flies, you will be happy to know that there is no currency trading fee here either, so you can swipe your card and know that you are receiving the best possible currency exchange rate.

Do you like to travel by car? If you book with this card, the car rental collision damage is also included. Important prices: annual interest rate 26.96%, annual fee of $ 39.

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